TekNational, Inc.
Tek-Sil® Thermally Conductive Grease
  • Silicone and non-silicone formulations
  • Low bleed and evaporation
  • No migration for Tek-Sil® TSG-07NS and Tek-Sil® TSG-26NS
  • Thin bond lines (1mil)
  • Easy to apply
  • Thermal conductivity up to 2.6 W/mºK
  • Non-toxic
  • Available in pre-filled Syringes: 3cc(6g), 10cc(28g) or 30cc(72g), 1lb(454g) jars
  • Custom packaging available
Our Tek-Sil® silicone and non-silicone greases may be used between any heat generating semiconductor and heat sink, in high performance CPU's and power modules to name just a few uses.
Typical PropertiesUnitTSG-07SLTSG-26SLTSG-07NSTSG-26NS
Specific Gravity @ 25°C-
Flow Rate**grams/minute95956758
Evaporation @ 200°C, 24 hours%/Wt0.520.440.680.5
Thermal ConductivityW/m °K0.752.60.752.6
Volume ResistivityOhm-cm2.1x10142.8x10141.4x10142.1x1014
Dielectric StrengthV/mil386412314392
Operating Temp Range°C-55 to 205-55 to 205-55 to 200-55 to 200

·Viscosity: Brookfield Viscometer, Spindle No. CP-51, 5 RPM.

··Flow test: 30cc Syringe, .09" orifice at 25 PSI.

Tek-Sil® TSG-07SL and TSG-26SL are highly thermally conductive silicone-based greases.  They are non-reactive, maintain a nonflowable composition and offer low thermal resistance.  Suited for thin bond line applications.


Tek-Sil® TSG-07NS and TSG-26NS are polysynthetic-based (non-silicone) thermal greases that have high thermal conductivity properties.  They are non-migrating and infused with heat conductive metal oxides. Tek-Sil® non-silicone greases offer all the benefits of a silicone grease without contamination problems.