TekNational, Inc.
Tek-Sil® SB Materials
Tek-Sil® "SB" is our best performing material with thermal conductivity measured at 2.9 watts/m-k and thermal resistance as low as .10°C.  It is available in four thicknesses from .008"(.20) to .033"(.85).  All "SB" materials are coated on a fiber glass matrix to improve tear strength and prevent pin holes from forming.  These materials also have excellent dielectric strength.  They are available with optional PSA.
Tek-Sil® SB Materials
Thicknessinches0.008 +/-.0050.012 +/-0.005.018 +/-0.005.033 +/-0.005
Thicknessmm0.20 +.02/-.040.3 +0.1/-0.0 0.45 +/-0.050.85 +/-0.05
MaterialfillerBoron NitrideBoron NitrideBoron NitrideBoron Nitride
Thermal Resist.°Cin²/W0.30.340.390.51
Thermal Resist. w/PSA(1)°Cin²/W0.640.660.710.83
Specific Gravityg/cm³1.691.691.691.69
Hardness (ASTM D2240)Type A85858585
Tensile StrengthkN/m14151815
Elongation%3 or less3 or less3 or less3 or less
Tear StrengthkN/mn/an/an/an/a
Volume ResistivityMohm-m1.0x1071.0x1071.0x1071.0x107
Withstand VoltagekV/minute35710
Dielectric Constant1KHz2.633.23.7
Maximum Use Temp.°C-60°C to +180°C-60°C to +180°C-60°C to +180°C-60°C to +180°C
Adhesive Coating-AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable

(1) FTM P-3010 (ASTM D5470 Equivalent)